Introducing FunIQ Social

At FunIQ Skills Academy, we believe that interaction, connection and fun is part of the learning process and that is why we are integrating social networking features on FunIQ Skills Academy which we called “FunIQ Social”. The idea behind this is not to bring distractions but to help you connect with other learners. On FunIQ […]

Lifetime Access

At FunIQ Academy, we believe that everyone have right to education and that is why we do our best to ensure that our students continue to have access to their courses even after they have been certified. The benefits of lifetime access is that students can continue to access information when they need to do […]

How does FunIQ Academy work?

Our desire at FunIQ Academy is to help people get access to new skills and knowledge and also help creators and instructors share their ideas with others for free or at a cost. FunIQ Academy is a robust platform that both learners and instructors can find very interesting. You can take courses from several categories […]

Course Quality Checklist

At FunIQ Skills Academy, we want to make it as easy as possible for instructors to create their courses. However, the safety of our students is paramount which is why we have outlined these checklist which must be met before a course can be approved. The minimum course requirements Below is a checklist of the […]

Revenue Sharing

It is our desire at FunIQ Skills Academy to partner with instructors in empowering users with relevant skills. It is a win-win for us and our partners (instructors). The instructors get value for creating amazing courses on FunIQ Skills Academy and FunIQ Skills Academy also gets value for hosting, driving sales and offering seamless learning […]

Teaching on FunIQ: FAQ

We very excited that you want to become an instructor on FunIQ Skills Academy, we believe that you’ll be instrumental to our growth as an e-learning platform and we want you to trust that we will give you all the attention that you need. At FunIQ Skills Academy, you can teach anything as long as […]