Course Quality Checklist

At FunIQ Skills Academy, we want to make it as easy as possible for instructors to create their courses. However, the safety of our students is paramount which is why we have outlined these checklist which must be met before a course can be approved.

The minimum course requirements

Below is a checklist of the minimum standards a course must have in order for it to be published on the FunIQ platform. 

  • At least 30 minutes of video content
  • At least 3 separate lessons
  • Valuable content
  • Video can be shot on camera, phone camera or screen record
  • Video must be landscape or in 1080×1080
  • Audio must be neat and audible.
  • There must be a course outline
  • A unique course information
    • A course image or introductory video
    • A Course title
    • A course description with more than 200 words
    • Quiz & Exam is recommended
    • Keep Instructor Profile up to date

Best practices: Course information should reflect what the course is all about. Using keywords as title and in description can increase the chances of reaching more people. Don’t make your videos too lengthy and boring expect where necessary. Use quality images and ensure you have right to use the images. We recommend using images released under creative commons license.

Video: Ensure you make your videos in a well lit environment. If you are recording your screen, ensure the resolution is readable. Quality videos keeps students more focused and also increase your chances of getting accepted into the instructor platform. 

Safety: We want to keep our users safe. We will not approve courses that promote crime, hate, drug abuse, illicit sex, pornography, etc.

The Quality Review process: after you complete your course and it’s submitted for review, our review team will provide you with feedback to help you get your course ready for students to enjoy.

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