How does FunIQ Academy work?

Our desire at FunIQ Academy is to help people get access to new skills and knowledge and also help creators and instructors share their ideas with others for free or at a cost. FunIQ Academy is a robust platform that both learners and instructors can find very interesting. You can take courses from several categories including business, ICT, academics, arts, health, fitness, fashion, language, music and so on.

What is included in the courses?

Every course created on the FunIQ Academy platform must include videos but other materials like downloadable files, pdfs, ppts, docs and so on depend on what the instructor makes available. At FunIQ Academy, courses are owned by instructors or organisations except courses created by FunIQ Academy.

Instructors can include quizzes and examinations to test the knowledge of the learners. We carefully review every course to ensure that they comply with our terms; to ensure that students have value. All courses including free courses go through the same review process.

How do I take courses?

All courses on FunIQ Academy are on-demand and self-placed. This means that a student can begin when they like and complete when they like. However, instructors can also decide to include live sessions which will not count on your grading as your grades. Attending live trainings are entirely optional.

FunIQ Academy can be accessed from browsers or installed as a progressive web app (PWA) on several devices. The moment you register for an account and enrol into any course, you can started learning immediately.

FunIQ courses are entirely on-demand. You can begin the course whenever you like, and there are no deadlines to complete it. To access your courses, log into your dashboard

Do I have deadlines to complete courses?

FunIQ courses are on-demand and self-placed. Your access to the course isn’t limited to when you complete it; as long as this platform exist and instructors do not withdraw their courses.

Learn more about our lifetime policy.

Is FunIQ Academy accredited? Are the certificates valid?

FunIQ Academy is not a higher institutional based learning platform but a skill-based platform where diverse instructors can teach their areas of expertise. The certificates awarded at the end of each course is valid; in the sense that it is verifiable. Our certificates doesn’t replace University degree certificates or Diplomas. The certificates are simply proof that you enrolled and passed through a course on FunIQ Academy; they are valid attachments for your CV and resume.

Are there free courses?

Yes! FunIQ Academy allow instructors to put their courses for free, instructors can also make parts of their courses free to preview.

How can do I pay for a course?

We ensure that we use payment gateways that accept various kinds of payment methods including local bank transfers and card payments. Depending on your country, your may be billed with a different payment processor and in a different currency. You can add a payment method from your account settings.

Do you offer refunds?

We are still working on a viable refund policy. Refunds will be supported in a near future.

Can I ask question when learning??

FunIQ Academy feature a Q&A section where students can publicly ask questions and get answers. However, if you want to ask instructors private questions, you would need to click on the instructor’s profile and send a message. You will be redirected to your mail client where you can send email directly to the instructor. We are not responsible for your private interactions with an instructor.

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