Important Update: We are revamping the Learning System

At FunIQ Skills Academy, we strive to bring you skill education in the most seamless technique. While at it, we are also evaluating where we are going and how it can impact our platform. Our major preoccupation right now is on executing the following:

  • Revamping the core learning system
  • Database Migration
  • Migrating our videos to a new server

At the moment, we will be doing a major upgrade on the FunIQ Skills Academy platform and we want to achieve this before onboarding new instructors, students and courses. A lot of refinement needs to be done and to achieve this requires us to make a big decision.

This upgrade will impact the current learning platform in a big way which may lead to a loss in user progression data. This means that if you are yet to finish a course, you may have to start all over again. Also, if you have been awarded certificates previously, you may no longer be able to download new certificates. All examinations will also reset.

We needed to make these big changes now that we are still in the beta phase of the FunIQ Skills Academy project. We hope to roll out this new upgrade from the 31st of January 2021 and while the upgrade is on, you won’t be able to access your account or some parts of the website. Here are some of the features of this new update:

  • Improved User Profile Dashboard
  • Question & Answer Tab where students can ask general questions publicly and get answers
  • Faster user experience
  • Improved navigation
  • Announcement Tab
  • Improved Instructor Onboarding
  • And much more.

Will this affect Women For Tech Programme?

Yes, all enrolled students at #W4T who enjoy scholarships will continue to enjoy their studies after the upgrade. However, users who have already enrolled in a course will have to start afresh. However, the dashboard of those enrolled for #W4T may no longer indicate #W4T.

This upgrade will be fast and won’t take more than 24 hours for users to start learning again on our platform. Once again, we reiterate our commitment to you and everyone who seek to upgrade and advance their skills and this is a journey that has just got started.

We also expect your feedback. We want to know, would you prefer that we do this upgrade early enough or would you want to finish up your course before 31st January? If you have access to any Whatsapp group or the Telegram community, we can have that conversation there.

For all the inconveniences this may cause our users, we regret it. We also know that this new upgrade will be welcomed with so much expectation and we assure you that it brings ease and comfort because the aim is to make learning easy. 

Thanks for reading. See you soon!

George O.N

Chief Facilitator

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