Introducing FunIQ Social

At FunIQ Skills Academy, we believe that interaction, connection and fun is part of the learning process and that is why we are integrating social networking features on FunIQ Skills Academy which we called “FunIQ Social”.

The idea behind this is not to bring distractions but to help you connect with other learners. On FunIQ Social, you can share what you are learning, share the new project that you are working on, get community support, find people to collaborate with and even meet up fellow students and instructors. We believe that getting social online should be more meaningful and that is exactly what we intend doing with FunIQ Social, to bring you connections that matter; with people of like minds.

FunIQ Social comes with so many features including private messaging, post update, activity updates, comment features, group features and so on. Instructors and Students can also interact with each other and upon request, we create groups for every course or other activities.

On FunIQ Social, you will be able to view upcoming birthdays of members or see who is online. We also understand that you may need some privacy and we have put you in control of sensitive areas. You can decide to limit who can view your post; you can also decide who can view your personal information.

To pioneer a group on FunIQ Skills Academy, you can manually request and you will be made the admin after your request has been approved. In the future, we hope to allow users create groups more easily but to prevent abuse at this early stage, Group creation can only be done internally.

While we encourage you to share things related to our focus, you are not limited to what you can share on FunIQ Social except prohibited contents like Pornography, Hate Speech, racist statements and other related activities. You can share what’s up for the day, what you learnt today, the new course you are about subscribing to, your FunIQ Certificates and so on.

Via FunIQ Social, instructors can also publish blog posts where they talk about their courses or expertise. Each approved blog makes it to our newsletter every week which means more visibility for instructors. While users must reach a certain level to earn the verification badge, instructors are verified automatically.

To encourage you to use FunIQ Social as your secondary means of social networking, we are giving out free data subscription on any Nigerian network every week to people who are actually using FunIQ Social meaningfully.

To consider you a very active user, you do not necessarily need to purchase paid courses however, there are free courses for you! Here are things expected of you before you can be eligible to win free airtime or data subscription

  • Start learning with a paid or free course.
  • Post regularly (at least once a day) on FunIQ Social.
  • Interact with other people’s posts.
  • Invite friends and ensure they are friends with you on FunIQ Social

Winners will be announced every week and their airtime sent through their FunIQ Skills Academy account.

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