Revenue Sharing

It is our desire at FunIQ Skills Academy to partner with instructors in empowering users with relevant skills. It is a win-win for us and our partners (instructors). The instructors get value for creating amazing courses on FunIQ Skills Academy and FunIQ Skills Academy also gets value for hosting, driving sales and offering seamless learning experience for learners. The reward instructors get for creating courses on FunIQ Skills Academy isn’t just in terms of money but also in terms of visibility.

Creating courses on FunIQ Skills Academy is free and you are at liberty to publish free and paid courses on the platform. We may charge a little fee if you would want us to create your course for you by ourselves using the materials you supply to us. However, it is easy to create courses from your own dashboard.

Instructor revenue share overview

You may want to look at Instructor Terms for additional information regarding FunIQ Skills Academy’s revenue share, a summary of the sharing plan for transactional sales is below.

  • Payout: Instructors receive 80% of the revenue for any sale including sale of their courses. This includes when the instructor markets the course or when we do promotions for the course. Sales can take place after a user click on FunIQ Skills Academy’s advertisement or instructors advert link on the social media or website. Sales can also occur when users search through the FunIQ Skills Academy website.

Please note:

  • The instructor is solely responsible for paying out co-instructor at any agreed rate. FunIQ Skills Academy only entered contract with the instructor and not the co-instructor.


We send monthly reporting to all instructors concerning their revenues. However, instructors can track sales through their dashboard. The information on the dashboard may not reflect the accurate information in real time.

Payout Method

  • Nigerian instructors are paid in Nigerian Naira (NGN) regardless the currency the user paid in. We use Flutterwaves exchange rate during conversion. Instructors are paid through their Nigerian Bank Account or through Barter by Flutterwave. You can create a barter account here.
  • Foreign Instructors are paid in US Dollar (USD) regardless the currency the user paid in. Payments are processed on their Barter account. You can create a barter account here.
  • All charges are processed from the instructors balance.

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