Teaching on FunIQ: FAQ

We very excited that you want to become an instructor on FunIQ Skills Academy, we believe that you’ll be instrumental to our growth as an e-learning platform and we want you to trust that we will give you all the attention that you need. At FunIQ Skills Academy, you can teach anything as long as you want to and we will help you reach the right audience.

How do I register as an instructor on FunIQ Skills Academy?

Learn how to become an instructor.

Can I teach on any subject?

We have said it before, you can teach anything that you love to teach and after we have reviewed it, you can start promoting your course. The only reason we review your course is to ensure that it is safe, worth the value and worth your efforts. We also offer support and guidance during this process.

To make it easy, you can check this list of topics we do not accept on this platform.

Is success guaranteed?

We believe that before you embarked on teaching your course, you have done your market research and analysis. We cannot guarantee that you’ll be succesful but we know that you can be succesful if you do it right and we work with you to make it right.

Are there fees I need to pay to become an instructor?

No! However, we operate on a model where we earn 40% commission from every sale. Learn more about becoming an instructor.

What approval do I need to get started as an instructor?

After you have filled our application form, we review your application, verify your identity and create your instructors account. Afterwards, you can always create a course on FunIQ Skills Academy. Your courses will also be subject to further reviews and checks to make sure that every thing is right before you start selling.

What are the requirements for my courses to be approved?

Your courses must be at least 30 minutes and should be separated into at least, 3 lessons.

Also ensure that the sound is great! We do not accept low quality videos.

How will I get paid?

We can pay directly into bank accounts for Nigerian instructors. For international instructors, we place a call after an application has been submitted to know their preferred means of receiving payment. If it is okay for us, we proceed with creating an account for them. Payments are received on monthly basis.

What is the primary teaching method?

All courses must be video-based. However, you can also attach course materials and texts. Your videos can be a screen record, record of a presentation or professionally shot videos. However, we require that the sound come out well. Adding assignments and quizzes are not a must but is encouraged.

If you are awarding certification, you can design a certificate or we help you do that at an agreed amount. 

How do I create a course?

We are still working on this documentation

How do I get my course materials on your site?

You can upload your materials like PDF directly on the website. If your videos aren’t very heavy per file, you can also upload directly on the website. However, if your videos are heavy, we recommend uploading on DailyMotion, setting it on private and pasting the link on the lesson page. The video is automatically embedded and no one can download the video. Students must watch it on the website.

If you upload videos on YouTube or other platforms and set it to Public or Unlisted, note that students can copy the link to the video and share it to other people. This is why we only recommend DailyMotion as it is free!

Who has right over my course?

You! You can sell your course elsewhere but if you sell at lower price elsewhere and we find out, we may delete your course after informing you. This is because selling at lower price elsewhere will hurt our platform.

Will you promote my course?

We have free materials and paid packages that can help you promote your course. This documentation will be updated.

What languages can courses be taught in?

Any language you like. However, our website is written in English language and we encourage you use subtitles when teaching in another language.

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